Halloween Weekend 2011 Is Here, Are You Ready? [A Tall Glass of Shame!] Oct27

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Halloween Weekend 2011 Is Here, Are You Ready? [A Tall Glass of Shame!]

Halloween weekend is fast approaching, do you have your costume all finished for the parties ahead? I know what some of you are thinking, Halloween is on a Monday this year and maybe this is the year to sit this one out. My answer to you naysayers of this the most fun of holidays is: Hell No! Get off your butt and celebrate! We only get so many Halloweens in our lives, why waste one sitting on our couch eating the candy intended for the trick-or-treaters!

I know every year I chide the girls that go for the obvious “Sexy” costumes, but truthfully… if Halloween is about one thing, it is about feeling scary, sexy, or bizarre, whatever floats your boat! If you are having fun, then you have connected to the spirit of the celebration! I will give you all a free pass this year, wear whatever makes you happy! Ladies, it can’t be that hard to smear some lipstick on your face, put a few cigarette butts in your teased hair and go as dead Amy Winehouse. (I’m sure there is an “Amy Boxed Wine-house” joke that could be brilliantly created with a little cardboard and a dream.) If I was able to whip up my “Pope-rah Winfrey” costume in under a week last year you can make some magic in a few days.

Before you start jumping into the world of costumes, maybe you could use a little Halloween inspiration… Check out this house’s Halloween light show set to “This Is Halloween!” Absolutely amazing, God help my neighbors if I ever own a home…

Now I know this weekend is full of fun parties and some of you may be short on time to come up with anything to wear, fear not everybody! A costume can be as simple as putting on a tie and going as a dead Steve Jobs! (iDon’t know, is it too soon?…) Now if you have a little time and some extra cash to throw at a fun project, you can also get fairly complex, like these industrious young women that have made costumes that are so simple in their basic idea but pretty complex to create. I totally want to steal this idea! Check it out:

For those of you that have a kid, you know they change their minds five times in a row about what they want to be for Halloween before landing on a transformer or something equally obvious, but if your kid is striving for a simple costume idea you might want to check out the following video. Costumes don’t have to be complex to be fun and creative. This adorable 5 year old shows us her make-up tutorial and explains a “sunflower look” I foresee a make-up career in her future.

There’s bound to be some costume ideas in this scary video.. whatever it is… thanks Japan! Now I need to burn these images from my memory, that is of course after I take copious notes for next year’s costumes!

Last but not least this year, I found a little help for you in the decoration department as well. If you need a quick and fun idea for your pumpkin carving adventure, this one is simple and kind of brilliantly nerdy! Happy Halloween everyone, now get out and have some fun!

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featured image credit: hanna_horwarth