HART OF DIXIE Review: Fall TV 2011 [Worth Watching?]

Yesterday, I watched two very different kinds of shows, one that came with a ton of hype, TERRA NOVA, and one that I didn’t know was even going to be on the air, until I was compiling my Fall TV 2011 Challege watch list — that would be HART OF DIXIE. How did it all turn out? Well, I left a long comment on Sam Weitzner’s TERRA NOVA post, which can pretty much be summed up as great casting, great concept, boring (and sometimes baffling) execution. But let’s talk about HART OF DIXIE:

Overview: An ambitious young surgeon (Rachel Bilson) with serious daddy issues moves to Alabama to practice medicine in a down-homey practice. Lots of hijinks and soap opera twists ensue.

What I Liked: Another surprisingly good show. I love that the doctor speaks in the way a doctor her age would (lots of “likes”), and I love that she’s a bit Housish. And I really, really love how Alabama is portrayed. Also, there’s a huge twist with the black mayor that made me lean forward so hard, I knew I’d be adding this show to my DVR just to see how it all plays out. And in general, the cast just works really well together. Tons of chemistry in every direction.

What I Didn’t Like: Lots and lots of narration. It made me feel like the writers (or more likely the TV execs that gave the writers notes) thought we were stupid.

Diversity Report

People of Color? 1 Just the one-professional-football-player-turned-mayor in the main cast, but he’s given more to do than many of the PoC characters on other new shows this fall. Also, many of the patients and townspeople are black.

Report Card

Show B Diversity B

Worth Watching?

I think so. At least it’s somewhat funny, unlike most of the new one-hour dramas.