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Healthy Sexuality: Whaat? [Ask Dr. Miro (What You Didn’t Learn In Health Class)]

Dear Dr. Miro,

What is meant by a “healthy” sexual relationship? I hear this term but it confuses me. What is healthy sexuality & how can it get it?

Struggles the Clown

Dear StC,

A healthy sexuality means very different things to different people. What a lot of folks mix up is acts versus authenticity. Says the ever brilliant Sexuality Educator, Media Mogul and Sex Worker Rights Activist Audacia Ray, “It’s not about the mechanics of what kind of sex you’re having, or what that looks like or how many people are involved, it’s more about being truthful with yourself and your partner.” By avoiding self-deception and listening to what truly makes you feel like a better, more whole person, you will be maintaining a healthy sexuality. Think about what makes you happy. What turns YOU on? You cannot simply “get” a healthy sexuality by figuring out a definition. “There’s not a list of activities that you should be doing or not doing”, says Ray. Tune in to this perpetual process. When you are actually paying attention to your desires, that cumulate over the course of your lifetime, the concept of a healthy sexuality simply falls into place.

Lust & Happiness,
Dr. Miro

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