Hello Friday: a,b,c,d,etc [Random Thoughts for the Week] Jan15

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Hello Friday: a,b,c,d,etc [Random Thoughts for the Week]

599px-Thai_Highway-33.svga. I finally found a blazer at The Lucky Brand store. It’s clever, b/c it’s made of sweatshirt material. I plan to wear it everywhere.

b. CH asked me to pick the top 10 movies I would like to see for my birthday, and I could only come up with eight that I had any interest whatsoever in seeing. Indie movies feel like such a huge FAIL right now.

c. I’m going back and forth about whether to outline The Awesome Girl’s Guide to Dating Extraordinary Men. It’s such a lovely mumble right now. The romantic in me wants to just start writing and let it work itself out. The pragmatist in me know that I’ll hate not having an outline on the days that I don’t feel like writing but do so anyway.

d. Ryan Dixon won’t be with us today for “Fierce Anticipation.” But he’ll be back next week. Don’t worry.

etc. I’m looking awfully forward to turning 33 tomorrow, but not as forward I’m looking to turning 40. That’s going to be awesome.