Hello Friday: FaN Notes [July 16, 2010] Jul16

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Hello Friday: FaN Notes [July 16, 2010]

It was the best of weeks and the worst of weeks. No, seriously. A few of you have noticed that 32 CANDLES is not available in eBook form any longer. Why? Well, long story short, folks messed up and sent in the e-version without the last chapter. Yes, you read that right. I didn’t find out until two weeks in, b/c 1) I don’t re-read my own work after publication and 2) Apparently people think I’m WAY more literary than I actually am, and only one person mentioned being a little meh about the ending. Either way, I think you can pretty much figure out that I’ve been freaking out all week. The only reason I’m able to type these words without getting upset all over again is b/c I’ve come to the end of my emotional reservoir on the issue.

For those of you who read this on Kindle, nook, or iBooks, you haven’t read the whole thing yet. We’re currently working out a solve with the retailers and hope to have this all resolved by next Friday. Meanwhile please send me an email at etc at 32candles.com if you bought the e-version before this week, so that I can drop you an email when this is all figured out.

That all said, the only things that kept me going this week were the kind notes that I received from so many of our hardcover readers AND the wonderful host of articles on Fierce and Nerdy. Let’s talk about the latter, shall we?

Mmm! Roya totally made me want to try making a trifle this week. Click on the pic for her fantastic (as usual) recipe.

1. I’m so happy that Kelly Kaboom got her dog, Derby, back, but even happier that she has a really big story to show for it.

2. Gudrun, I, too, sometimes get weirded out that the things I use the most were created in a computer language that I just don’t speak. But I would be sad (I mean almost suicidal) if it just all went away one day.

3. Robin, seriously, stop drinking lite beer. This is why people from other countries make fun of us!

4. Ooh, I loved THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO. It’s the one classic that everybody seems to enjoy reading. I’m still waiting to hear from someone who just didn’t “get” this novel. Looking forward to the second part of Amy B’s post about this book next week.

5. After the whole ebook episode, I was thinking hard about taking Amy R’s suggestion to acquire a red balloon to lighten one’s mood. Still might do that, actually…