Hello Friday: FaN Notes [Week 3 of 2011] Jan21

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Hello Friday: FaN Notes [Week 3 of 2011]

Hey-ho, well I’m off for my frozen embryo transfer, for which I’m once again being put on valium. Then 48 hours of modified bed rest, during which I hope to get all my email answered, at least one whole book read, and everything cleared off my DVR — what? It could happen! Anyway, before I get too loopy to form (even less) cohesive sentences, here are my thoughts on this week at FaN.

Less than two hours after going live, Josh Pullin's skinny jean rant went to the top of our big five. Click on the pic to find out why....

1. Alex or Emmy (again, I’m never sure which one is writing), there’s nothing with getting back together with your boyfriend if he or you have truly changed. But in general, I think it’s always better to leave yourself open for the next great guy that will eventually come along if you’re both looking for each other. [Dating Ell-A: The Ex-Boyfriend Spark]

2. Michael, I’ve found only two activities that can truly fill the void: writing and dating. There’s a reason I couldn’t manage to finish anything over 120 pages until I settled down with my then boyfriend, now-husband. I say either find a girl or get to cracking on that first novel. Either way, you win. [Single White Nerd: Filling the Void]

3. Monique, I agree that Sarah Palin is dangerous with her words. I take solace in the fact that she is too conceited to really organize folks ala Mao or Hitler. But more than that, I worry that all these articles about Palin draw attention from the issue that we really have to do something about the mental health system in this country. Schools and governments around the nation are cutting funds for mental health resources to balance heir budgets, and I’m a lot more worried about that than Palin. I worry that our country just isn’t making the advances in mental health that we should. I worry that so many people who need mental help, don’t have access to it. I worry about that way more than I worry about Palin. To a certain extent, I wonder if it’s easier to wring or hands over Palin, than it is to address the mental elephant in the room. [Political Physics: Sarah Palin is NOT Smarter Than the Average Bear]

4. Zack, I’m wondering if artists are just prone to really vivid dreams and nightmares, b/c your dream life sounds a lot like mine. I find watching an episode of FRINGE before going to bed invites the wackiest, scariest dreams — but that was before I saw your sexy Angela Lansbury video. Now I’m sure that my dream life will never be the same. [Tall Glass of Shame: Do This Nightmare Experiment]

5. I’ll admit that I had no idea what a “frenulum” was until I had to look it up while editing this week’s Dr. Miro blogumn. [Ask Dr. Miro: Do Men Have a “Special” Spot]