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Hello Friday: Fierce Thoughts [FaN Review]

Well, four days into my week without childcare, my MIL came home early due to a serious gaffe with her Cher tickets on Harrah’s part. So boo that she didn’t get to see the legendary Cher in concert, but yay, that she’s already back. That all cheered, here are my thoughts for the week:

Things that make you go "cute-- no wait, eww!" Click on the pic for the original item.

1. Still occasionally jumping up and down whenever I think about 32 CANDLES being in the July edition of Essence as their Book of the Month. Wonder when one stops jumping up and down. I mean will I still be doing this whenever I get news in my 70s. Hopefully my knees stay strong.

2. Everyone so once a while, I’m tempted to get some work done on the post-pregnancy bod, but then I’m reminded that bad plastic surgery skeeves me out so much, that it’s probably not worth the risk. Thanks, Zacki.

3. I really, really, really wish I could get an iPad before my trip to Scotland, and Justin Case’s surprising recommendation of the the wireless-only iPad over the upcoming one with 3G really isn’t helping.

4. Yeah, Debra G, we totally need a cleverer name for the modern day housewife. And while we’re at it, let’s rename stay-at-homes, too.

5. I think our single white nerd might have found The One. But m/b that’s b/c I’m a writer, and therefore a sucker for anyone who says, “Okay, go ahead and write about me.”