Hello Friday: Fiercest Nerds on the Block August 7-13

Greetings from Santa Fe! I’ve been road tripping all week, but lucky for us, your comments totally didn’t take a vacation. Check ’em out:


breakfast_clubre: Fierce OR Nerdy: Geek Love Memorial, in which slpc honored John Hughes in the best way possible — with a huge poll of his movies. If you haven’t put in your vote yet, pick your favorite Hughes movie now. Oh, and here’s a pretty convincing argument for The Breakfast Club.

(Thought) Chuck: While I think FERRIS BUELLER’S DAY OFF is an overall better movie structurally and story-wise, THE BREAKFAST CLUB is the quintessential John Hughes movie and an archetype for 1980’s misunderstanding & disillusionment, and therefore it gets my vote. Cue “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” from Simple Minds. It should also be noted that PRETTY IN PINK, though written by Hughes, was not directed by him – those honors went to Howard Deutch. All the more reason why THE BREAKFAST CLUB should be the winner.


Not me.

Not me.

If you have a chance the thoughtful comments on my mother-of-a-biracial-baby post which advises/rants against asking a woman holding a baby if that baby is hers are all worth a read. But I loved that we had our first sibling argument in the comments of Amy Robinson’s post, “Bad Cook,”  in which she put forth that her mother was a good baker but a really bad cook. Amy’s sister totally disagreed.

janicpanny: LIAR!! Did we really grow up in the same house? I fondly remember Mom’s cooking as good ordinary comfort food. Perhaps your memory is skewed by the silly note your silly “friend” wrote? No gourmet food at house, and I hated liver & onions and all things veggie (which kept me at the dinner table for sometimes hours trying to choke down the corn). However, I never felt good-cooking deprived. Spaghetti, fried chicken, meat loaf, tuna casserole…mmm. One of us is delusional & it’s not me!


re: Politic Physics: Is One Gun a Month Enough? in which Monique King-Viehland asked if it wasn’t time to impose tougher gun laws. We had some really good arguments for and against, so I suggest reading all of the comments, but here’s a particularly good one after the jump:

Brian V: Chris Rock said bullets should be $1000 each so that criminals would be more careful when shooting them… This law doesn’t keep you from owning guns, it just means you can only buy 12 new guns a year. How many do you need? I think there should be some limit to how many you can own at once. If you have hundreds of weapons, how do you keep track of them all to make sure none are stolen, and what are you preparing this arsenal for? I own 0 guns, and have not felt the need for one. However, let’s assume you do “need” a gun or guns. Rifle and shotgun for hunting, one or two handguns for target practice / personal protection. So four. If you have four guns you couldn’t shoot them all at the same time anyway, so four is a good limit. You want a new one you have to trade in the old one. For those collectors out there who want 1000 different weapons to hang all over the walls, etc. you should be required to take gun safety classes, pass a background check, and maintain a license to possess that number of firearms. If you don’t renew your license, your weapons are confiscated. As an architect, I have to maintain a license, take continuing education, and keep insurance for fear that something I design may collapse and kill someone. If you are to own an arsenal, you should need more. So – my thoughts – four weapons max per adult of sound mind and no more. You have the right to get the guns and I have the right not to have a military arsenal in my neighbor’s garage.


re: Betty is Going to be Maaaad, in which I felt sorry for my babies that miss out on great vacays, b/c they’re too young or fetal to enjoy them.

keldoo: My parents went to Hawaii when my mom was preggers with me. They met some dude from Hawaii Five-O. I am in my mom’s belly in the picture. Needless to say, I remember nothing from this trip………….!


And instead of a comment for Thursday I decided to do a new segment. Here’s the “Best Quote From A Post You Should Read of the Week.”

From Secret Life of a Nerd Girl: Carte Postale de Tropez, in which Gudrun Cram-Drach writes… “White is really in here, and so are panama hats. Not to date myself, but I hear Robin Leach barking “playground of the rich and famous,” skipping like a broken record in my head whenever I walk along the port and see all the yachts and giant sailboats.”