Hello Friday: Fiercest Nerds on the Block July 10-16

Whatta week. CH got an Emmy nomination, and of course the comments were off the hook. Check ’em out:


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re: Fierce Anticipation: July 10-12, in which Ryan Dixon made a case for Sheetz being the best convenience store in the history of ever. One reader/former employee agreed:

Laura: I now live in CA, but used to live in Northern VA and worked for Sheetz for 3 years as an assistant manager. They were the best convenience store around at that time, and have only gotten better from what I can tell. (Side note, there were also a pretty decent company to work for!) Nobody out here knows about Sheetz, and when I try to explain, some people go ‘Oh! Like am/pm.’ or Jersey transplants go ‘like WaWas’ and the answer is NO. There is nothing like Sheetz. End of story.


amyandfamre: Tall Drink of Nerd: Father Time, in which Amy Robinson struggled with her father’s recent diagnosis of leukemia.

jenny: My grandfather had leukemia, and sadly pasted away this year due to stomach cancer. It’s hard being far away from family. Every moment is precious. This thanksgiving I went home to spend the last holiday with him, and it was wonderful. I would curl up in a chair a drift off to sleep with him, just being close was a comfort. Oddly enough, he was more comfortable with the fact of his time left, yet none of us were. My grandparents had 6 kids, and I know that it was great for them to all be together and a space of support. But I do want to tell you, my grandfather did overcome leukemia, and at the age of 83 without any major surgeries, etc.



Photo Credit: Jason Rowland

Photo Credit: Jason Rowland

re: Political Physics: Is Discrimination Okay If You Discriminate Privately?, in which Monique King-Viehland deals with whether the Valley Swim Club w/n their legal rights to deny minority campers access to their swimming pool?

BabySmiling: “Complexion” is one thing, and the club may very well be racist, but it’s also true that 65 kids will definitely change the “atmosphere” of the pool. Personally if I paid thousands of dollars to join a private club (which I wouldn’t, esp. since I don’t care for swimming) I would be outraged if 65 kids showed up and started doing cannonballs, regardless of the kids’ race.



re: Wonderfully Awful: LAZERS PEW PEW PEW!, in which Robin Rosenzweig went to see a laser-light show stone-cold sober. She might be the first person in the entire history of laser-light shows to do so.

slpc: hahaha. i LOVE this blogumn. and i’m totally going to that laser show. on a related subject, i just stumbled across this website yesterday: http://www.laserportraits.net/



re: This Just in: Check Us Out on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in which, CH gets an Emmy nomination in the morning, and then we both end up in a Jimmy Kimmel skit about the Emmy nomination that night.

Gudrun: For those of us in other countries, I hope it gets onto YouTube :)

[Editor’s Note: It will definitely get onto YouTube by hook or crook. Look for the video on Philosophical Monday]