Hello Friday: Fiercest Nerds on the Block [Sept. 11-17]

Flockter Mill and Machel May Embroidery: TotallySevere.com

Flockter Mill and Machel May Embroidery: TotallySevere.com

So Patrick Swayze died this week and the new Jay Leno show started and Kanye West dissed Taylor Swift, therefore guaranteeing that he will continue to get invited to the VMA’s b/c he is act-a-fool ratings gold a great performer. We also had some awesome comments and quotes. Check ‘em out:


re: Fierce Anticipation: September 11-13, in which Ryan Dixon tells us the craziest story about golf courses and feuding can collectors that we have ever heard. His sister co-signed his check on that horror story.

Colleen: All I remember of the Can Men are BUTT CRACKS!! They always had them hanging out everywhere.


Best line from a blog you should’ve read: “Online dating may lead to the chance to humiliate yourself on a national—no, international—scale.” — Michael Kass, Single White Nerd: Online Dating Danger and Flockter Mill


re: Girls Can Now Write Their Names in the Snow, in which we showcased “Go Girl,” a device which allows women to pee standing up. We got a ton of Facebook comments on this one. But here’s the best from FaN (though they were all really good):

keldoo: I used to wish it was easier to just go in a water bottle like a dude, but you know what? Nevermind. Gross! Actually, I think these kinds of things have been around for years for invalids, but dip it in some pastel paint & voila! Instant millions!!!!


re: Buy Me This: Car Porn (aka The Mercedes SLS-AMG), in which CH claims that he would sell his kidney for an electronic version of this car.

Justin_Time: I don’t think one kidney would bring in enough cash, sadly. Do you know what these are going to cost? I know the SLR McLaren costs about 500K, so this would probably be similar. For that much, we are starting to approach the cost of an actual 300 SL, so you might as well get that!


Best line from a post you should have read: “oh yeah, and that’s how he got a scar on his back about 10 inches long.” — Zack Bunker, Tall Glass of Shame: Atta Girl!