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Hello Friday: Random Thoughts About Salinger, Pandora, Books, Dreams, and 9am Breakfast

jd_salinger[1]1. I’ve never read Catcher in the Rye, and it took me quite awhile to admit to myself that though I’m shy, I’ll never be able to reclude like J.D. Salinger. Still, the idea of being able to do so has always struck me as really romantic, even after I found out that he was watching a TON of television while recluding. I guess it was only real people he didn’t like, which makes me wonder what it would be like to share my world with only my family and characters.

2. I’ve decided to get back on the music horse. I downloaded the latest Tegan & Sara, Passion Pit, and a Tilly and the Wall album that I missed. I tried searching for new stuff on Pandora, but I find it’s interface too frustrating. It demands a lot interaction to be of any benefit, and music is something that I like to listen to while I do other stuff. I think iTunes should offer Genius Mixes with music you haven’t purchased and give you the option of purchasing it, if you like what you hear.

3. I still haven’t finished this week’s book, so I picked a graphic novel for next week, so that I’d be sure to get in two reviews for next week.

4. Betty woke up unexpectedly last night. It was either a nightmare or a tummyache. I figured tummyache, b/c we fed her a new broccoli and cauliflower mix, and also, what would she have nightmares about at this age? But it reminded me how when I was a kid, I used to dream I could fly ALL THE TIME. But now I never do. Lately, I’ve had a few dancing dreams. Last weekend I had a dream in which I was breakdancing in the front yard of my childhood home. At first I was just humming to myself. But then a kid in the house across the street brought out a boombox and I was totally jamming. It felt very real, and I was a little sad when I woke up and it wasn’t true. I sometimes wonder what’s more upsetting: nightmares or great things happening that turn out to just be dreams.

5. I had a 9am breakfast with Brandy from “The Next Family” two weeks ago, and a 9am breakfast with Kelly from “Nerd In Transition” on Wednesday. Both breakfasts were so nice that I’ve decided to have a 9am breakfast with one friend every week until I go out of town. So if you’re an IRL friend and you’d like to have a 9am breakfast with me before June, PM me.