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Hello Friday: Random Thoughts As We Go Into the Weekend

Sorry, guys, I’m going to have to abandon “Fiercest Nerds on the Block” b/c it was a little too time-consuming. I’m looking for something else to put in this space, so if you have any suggestions, let me have them. For now I’ll just go with some random thoughts to end the week.

Next week I’m going to be 33. They make a big deal about your 33rd birthday here in Cali, b/c it’s you’re “Jesus Year” — you know Jesus died when he was 33. I’m hoping not to die this year, though, so I’m not sure what I should do with that notion. Did anyone else do anything special for their 33rd birthday?

I still haven’t seen Avatar. That makes me really sad.

I’m working on the very last pass of 32 CANDLES all weekend. It’s shocking to me that this book will be here in six months, and it’s starting to keep me up at night. I’ve also started having apocolyptic nightmares again. Ah well. It feels like welcoming an old friend home. I like apocolyptic nightmare to the ones I was having before they came back, which pretty much all involved dropping or losing Betty — way scarier for me.