Hello Friday: Random Thoughts [Fierce Inspiration] Feb19

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Hello Friday: Random Thoughts [Fierce Inspiration]

Hello there. Guess who finally figured out what to write about in this here spot? Moi. I wasn’t quite satisfied with Random Thoughts, but I don’t have the time to do Best Of Comments anymore, so I decided to combine the two, and do Random Thoughts on this week’s blogs. Comprende? Either way, here we go.

The-Indiana-Leather-Adventure-Duffel1. According to my Facebook friends, quite a few people weren’t aware that Sweet Valley High was no longer being published. So they were quite surprised to hear about it’s comeback.

2. My Facebook friends also seem to really want this Indiana-Jones-inspired satchel. Can you blame them?

3. I actually love putting together IKEA furniture. I find it very meditative, and at the end of assemblage it feels like I’ve done some. When I was a starving artist, barely keeping my head above water, nothing made me feel more capable than putting together a piece of really cheap IKEA furniture. But our Stay-at-Home Nerd feels exactly the opposite.

4. I think Debra from NewlyNested is probably the only one in California who feels they “missed out” on the snowstorm. Let me tell you, it’s so hot here, that I’ve started having to carry water on my afternoon walks with Betty. And that’s the way I like it!

5. Seriously, please watch Sins of My Mother on the Lifetime Movie Network this week. Not only is the book it’s based on just fantastic, but it’s kind of hard to complain (as I often do) about the lack of quality movies about women being made if you don’t support the good stuff. Seriously when was the last time you saw a movie based around the life of a black nerd? Go here for my review of the book and more details.

P.S. — Do, do, do make sure to come back next week. We’ve got all sorts of goodies for you, including the big 32 CANDLES book cover reveal. So keep your eyes on this page. Love! Love! Love! etc