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Hello Friday: Reason #23 To Get Married – Nose Patrol

Just in case you single readers didn’t think you were missing a lot by not being married, here’s one of the more romantic conversations that CH and I had this week:

Downstairs at 9:10 AM. I’m still working on FaN. CH has just come downstairs.

CH: Isn’t your hair appointment at 10AM?

ETC: Yeah, I’m going to get up in a minute to take a shower.

CH: Do you have time to take a shower?

ETC: I don’t know. I think so.

CH: How long does it taking you to get to work?

ETC (not exactly lying, but maybe rounding off to get the answer she wants): About 20 minutes.

CH: Well then it’s probably going to take a half hour to tget to Beverly Hills. It’s a little farther. You might have time for a shower.

ETC: Do you think I can get away with not taking a shower?

CH: I don’t know.

ETC: Smell me.

CH (coming in close for the sniff): Yeah, you should take a shower.

ETC (glum): Okay.