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Hello Friday: Serious Mea Culpas

So I got up this morning and packed for our weekend in Santa Maria. I then packed for the baby and washed my hair. In the shower I remembered a few things that I had forgotten to pack and so I packed those too. After putting Betty in the car, I decided at the last minute to bring a blazer instead of a sweater, so I went back inside and packed that, too.

Everything was packed. We were all ready to go. Yet I felt like I was forgetting something… something I couldn’t quite put my finger on…

Then fifteen minutes into our trip, I realized that I had completely forgotten to put in today’s edition of Fierce and Nerdy.

I’ve actually had nightmares in which this happened, but I never thought it, you know, really would.

I’m typing this post out on my phone, but sadly I won’t be able to post our other articles, b/c they require links and pics.

Again, I’m so sorry about this oversight. If only I had an iPad!

UPDATE: Couldnt leave you hanging like that. Check out Jersey Joe’s “Fierce Anticipation” and a very special blogumn from Else Duff (aka Evil E)!