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Hello Friday: Some Technical Difficulties

Dearest All,

As you might have noticed over the last few days, we’ve been having some serious server issues. More expo on Monday, but bottomline is this:

We got a huge amount of traffic on Wednesday:

We crashed our server: boo!

After a Bachelor-like search for true love, we finally found a new host: yea!

It took awhile to get switched over from our original server: fact of web life

As of this morning, we don’t have access to our Visual editor, the ability to add photos or extra line breaks, or our fabulous web designer’s FaN-specific code: Sigh.

We’re working super-hard right now to solve all of these problems. Please bear with us. I know bare-knuckle words w/o pictures are totally no fun and that me “frustrated” for a second day in the row (though fitting) does not exactly line up with the Fierce and Nerdy way. But please use this as an opportunity to show our wonderful FaN bloggers even more support in the comments. We just have to get through today, and I’m sure we can have this all resolved by Monday.

100% Thanks!

P.S. — If you want updates throughout the day, join my Twitter feed. I’m “ernessat” OR check my Facebook status.