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Hello Friday: Something Else To Blame On Your Parents

popularSo I really dug this Gawker article on your level of popularity being pre-determined by your genetics.

Having grown up with one extremely popular parent and one parent, who as far as I knew didn’t have any friends outside of her family, I totally believe that by ability to make friends even though I can get intensely shy comes from weird parental dichotomy. It also helps that though my mother did not have many friends, she talked A LOT — another quality that I inherited from her. My love of talking often outweighs my shy genes, and keeps me from being a complete wallflower at parties.

I also think that if you have two non-social parents, chances are that you won’t be social, and vice versa if you have two popular parents.

Do you think you inherited your social traits from your parents? Let us know in the comments, and read the Gawker article here.

. photo credit: Patrick Q