Hello Friday: The Fiercest Nerds on the Block

Hey Guys!

ratshoe_01Thanks so much for your awesome responses to my Raising series. As you’ve probably sussed out by now, I kind of excel at worrying, but here’s the good news: when I’m feeling uncertain about raising biracial kids, intelligent girl(s) and confident chidren, I can always come back and revisit your comments for reassurance and advice. If you’re also pondering these three issues, I could not recommend going through the comments on these posts more.

That all said, let’s revisit some of the other best comments from the week after the jump:


From Single White Nerd: The Imaginary Girlfriend Has a Biological Timeclock, in which Michael Kass gets into a fight about children with his imaginary girlfriend. You kind of have to read it to understand.

Delia from “Chic Geek”: This sounded SO much like the literary version of a conversation I’ve had with my boyfriend that I actually thought for a second, “WAIT…is Michael Kass a pseudonym?!” Seriously. I got sad and paranoid reading this. It’s wonderful.



From the Thought Chuck in which Charles Cron informed us that 72% of Americans sign their pet’s name to their greeting cards.

Sallie: We sign our cats’ names, but only ironically, and only when writing to people who know us well enough to know it isn’t really irony…



From an article about the 10 Strangest Shoes in Fashion, which include a pair of slippers designed to look like rats (pictured above).

Zack from “Tall Glass of Shame”: ok, is it sad that I really want the rat slippers in my shoe size, but would be terrified to actually see the rat that would be big enough to house my size 13 feet?


From Brooklyn Rebellion Dogs, in which Shante Paradigm Smalls talks about the surprising amounts of gear that you need to train your rescue dog well.

Shante from “Brooklyn Rebellion Dogs”: Find a rescue place that has worked really well with a dog and tell them what you need. You might even consider fostering. The truth is, ALL, dogs take work, no matter if they are totally perfect because dogs and human communicate really differently. I would recommend reading The Other End of the Leash to think about how you would work with a dog. But there’s always something, whether they develop an aversion to certain dog breeds of people (like FedEx/UPS guys) or are terrified of thuderstorms, like children, there will always be something to work with.

Looking forward to today’s and next week’s comments, guys. See you next Monday!