Hello Friday: The Fiercest Nerds on the Block – April 9 – April 16

indiefilmI think this week’s FNotB comments can best be described as gross, metaphorical, hypothetical helpful and informative.


re: Procrastinate on This!, in which we directed you to a post about two sisters not only eating placenta, but converting into a panini placenta sandwich and a pasta sauce. Seriously, skip to “Philosophical Monday” if you don’t want to be completely grossed out. And definitely don’t read this while eating.

slpc: i was *almost* convinced by the author of the placenta article (and the sisters who cooked and ate the placenta). i thought, maybe it’s a cool and healthy tradition, a once in a lifetime opportunity kinda-thing, and maybe not as disgusting as it first seems… until i read this part: “The ‘recipe’ was pretty simple, but preparation was very fun! First, I washed off any clots and snipped/tore away the membrane. Websites suggested this, and I imagine it’s because it’d be chewy. The umbilical cord required a pair of scissors to cut through and I had to marvel at how incredible tough that piece was!”

haha. nope. not doing that.


re: Single White Nerd: The Harshest Mistress, in which Michael Kass rekindles his love affair with theater, even though their relationship ended really badly the first time around.

stubbie: Oh, sure, she’s lovely now. Alluring. Willing to overlook things – like you never put your dishes in the dishwasher, or you leave little dark hairs all over the bathroom, that you always read the paper first and leave it totally disorganized. None of that matters now. But let me tell you, as a guy who’s been there, it all goes to hell. 15 years into a loveless marriage, it’s all we can do to grunt at each other and resist the urge to stab stab stab with the secretly sharpened epees. Enjoy your freedom. Enjoy your (relative) youth, my son.


re, NewlyNested: The Reluctant Yogi, in which Debra Goykhman finds that she really enjoys heated (aka Bikram) yoga, despite her disdain for Child’s Pose.

BabySmiling: Child’s Pose is neither here nor there for me, but some people really love it — probably the contrast between the rest and the hard work they’ve just been doing. But, apparently, it’s more than just a rest. Aside from being a counter-stretch for stuff like Wheel and Bridge, I read on a yoga blog a while back that it shuts off the sympathetic nervous system. So, if there’s a child (or adult) spazzing out, Child’s Pose can allegedly calm them down in a hurry. Unless that person is you, then I guess it wouldn’t work.


re: Who Would Get the Pets if You Divorced?, in which we asked that question. Apparently a ton of you have thought about this, as we got a lot of off-FaN and IRL comments about this, too.

Debra Barlow from “Notes From A Nester”: My husband and I actually talk about this a lot. Not because we ever think we’ll split, but because I like to periodically declare that ‘I’m leaving and taking the cats with me!’ And then the not so serious discussion of cat custody comes up. Logically, we would probably each take one, but the idea of splitting them up is really hard to imagine. We have yet to reach a conclusion.

Also, big welcome to our new tech blogger, Justin Time, who told us in his inaugural Technically Geeking post about a bunch of rich Brits chasing a Google street view van out of their village, so that they wouldn’t get pictures of their expensive houses — the better for burglers to case the joint they said. This, of course, back-fired big time.

BrianV: In Pittsburgh a group of folks did a great “performance art” thing when the Gcar came by – check out people escaping from third floor windows, a marching band in the street, a fake marathon group, and even a sword fight!


I think this would be cool if google would always tell people when they’re coming so we can all get into the picture in a creative way!


re: The Indie Chronicles: Casting About, in which R.B. Ripley sends out a very specific casting notice for a very specific type, only to get 633 responses — 550 of which don’t fit the role’s stated requirements at all. Plus one potential auditionee asks if she can move her audition time to after her pilates class. Welcome to Hollywood.

Kelli from “Fierce in Seattle”: Back in my acting days if I was fortunate enough to secure an audition that I had submitted myself for, you can bet your bottom dollar that I would do whatever it took to get to that audition. I always said “YES” and would figure out the logistics after. It’s common courtesy to your casting directors. It’s not their issue you have a doctor’s appointment, a job or lord have mercy, a Pilates class. And yes, some people are totally clueless as to what their “type” is. Back in the 90’s, because I was not rail thin I would never be cast as a lead in a sitcom. The wacky neighbor–yes. I understood this. Not everyone does….clearly!