Hello Friday: The Fiercest Nerds on the Block [August 31 – Sept. 3] Sep04

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Hello Friday: The Fiercest Nerds on the Block [August 31 – Sept. 3]

Wildfires, Beans, and Burning Man. Whatta week! And check out these comments:



Go Stillers! in which we put forth a searing expose about grooming practices that produced dogs like the one featured above.

Raoul: Wow, Polamalu really let himself go post season!


High Fructose and the KKK are SO Good For You! in which we said “hell yeah!” about drag queen, Jackie Beat’s send-up of those high fructose corn syrup “re-education” ads.

keldoo: Shiiiiiiiiiiit! Thanks! I love Jackie Beat. She is a national treasure & disgrace! : )


Buy Me This: Survival Edition, in which CH walked us through the steps of making a basic survival bag in case of emergencies. Mmm, military rations!

LucyBB: I got a delux edition that comes with chemicals to make a toilet in a bucket, complete with toilet seat. My roommate made fun of me but I told him, “Have fun pooping in the yard. You’re not getting near my toilet.”


Your Best Summer Fling, in which we asked what your favorite new show of the summer was and what you were looking forward to come fall.

cybele: I think Human Target will be fun (is it a mid-season?) and I think that The Good Wife has a lot of potential (excellent cast). I’m on the fence about Community – maybe because I’m afraid to like it because it’s kinda stupid.