Hello Friday: The Fiercest Nerds on the Block July 31-August 6

Having written a book that somewhat revolves around the movie, Sixteen Candles, I’m still reeling from John Hughes death, but at least I have this week’s comments to give me comfort.


re: FIERCE ANTICIPATION: July 31-August 2, in which Ryan Dixon confesses to cheating on The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York by Robert A Caro, by diddling around w/ a bunch of other books at the same time. What a slut!

Joe: The way I see it, as long as you don’t read another book in the apartment with The Power Broker, you’re golden. Be respectful of your book, but what The Power Broker doesn’t know won’t hurt it.


Photo Credit: Xpectro

Photo Credit: Xpectro

re: Hippie Squared: A True Love Story About True Love, in which Jeff Rogers told us an oh-so-romantic story about an WWII officer forced to leave his true love behind in Japan after being denied permission to marry her by General MacArthur to marry her. One commenter and myself thought the officer was being a bit of a true love wuss by leaving his true love behind, but another commenter pointed this out:

Molly: Sweet story! You didn’t say, but I expect the reason he had to ask permission during wartime is b/c he could have been charged w/ some sort of treason, aid & comfort to the enemy, throw in military jail, or worse. Not just a simple matter of deference to authority.


re: NewlyNested: The (Strange) Dog Days of Summer, in which Debra Goykhman told us about a blind Border Collie w/ his own seeing-eye dog and the dye in blue M&Ms being a possible cure for back pain. Don’t ask.

keldoo: Border Collies are one of my weak spots. And a blind one with her own guide?
You’re killing me. But to avert my demise, I am going to go get some M & Ms…


re: Don’t Buy Me This: Dog Snuggie, in which CH warned parents not to embarrass their kids or dogs by forcing them to wearing snuggies specially crafted for them. He proved that such products do actually exist by showing us actual commercials for them. Full body shudder.

BabySmiling: Unpopular? Are you kidding? Any kid who does the Macarena followed by the Cabbage Patch will be the most popular boy in school.


bat-for-lashes-two-suns-2009re: The Best of Summer (So Far), in which I professed my love for everything JJ Abrams this year, and also gave DVD, album, and TV suggestions.

AmyQQTWF: I’m becoming a JJ Abrams convert too, based on Star Trek, Fringe and the May issue of Wired. If you haven’t read thru it, get your hands on a copy. It took me a few months to actually scan it, but when I did, it sucked me in with a lot of nerdy secret messages and articles about magical stuff. I never had a favorite magazine on the summer, but it’s JJ Abrams, he’s sneaky.

For a DVD movie, I’d highly recommend Ip Man. It’s a biopic about one of Bruce Lee’s early trainers, but it’s set in the 30’s and 40’s China, during the time before and after Japan invaded. It does take some artistic license, but it’s a cool historical movie with some fun fight scenes.