Hello Friday: The Fiercest Nerds on the Block: June 26th – July 2nd

Cars for Hamsters, Jack v. Jill Jock Stats, Fame, and a Traveling Geek Show! That’s a pretty nerdy sampling of the week. And here’s more:


Summer Slides


re: Fierce OR Nerdy, in which slpc asked us to choose between Up and Down or Around…

Justin_Time: Teacups = Upchucks. Give me a coaster any day.


re: Fierce in Seattle: Another Year Under the Belt, in which Kelli Bielema celebrated the experience and confidence that comes with age…

Katy Brisbois: Kel! I love ya! And so sorry I missed your birthday! You have always been a creative inspiration for me and now wisdom falls in with it!


How far have we come?

How far have we come?

re: Political Physics:  Skids, Mudflap and Race in Transformers ROTF, in which Monique King-Viehland examined the continuing portrayal of black stereotypes in Hollywood…

Brent: …in “Transformers 2”, it wasn’t just the Amos & Andy-bots that offended me. There was also the stupid, midget Egyptian border agent. The stupid, buck-toothed, brown foreigner (either African or East Indian) butcher. As well as the depiction of Paris as a place where we Americans have to endure stupid, rude mimes interrupting us while we try to eat their horrible food (ooh snails – gross!).

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Best Proposal Ever

Best Proposal Ever


re: Wonderfully Awful: Wonderfully Wonderful, in which Robin Rosenzweig shared with us her badass engagement, roller-derby style, and Ernessa resurfaced to comment…

ernessa: Ohhhh! What a wonderful proposal!!! Perfect mix of derby and romance. Mazel Tov!


re: Secret Life of a Nerd Girl: Weight, how do I do this again?, in which Gudrun Cram-Drach struggles to count calories in the country where brioche is king and brie is queen…

keldoo: Yeah, I’m not sure how you are surviving with all of that tempation. It’s France!!! Though it may be cliché advice, peruse “French Women Don’t Get Fat.” Actually, they apparently only nibble and when they do eat an actual meal, it’s water-leek soup. You’ll get there, to that point of moderation- I’m sure after 6 months of non-stop chocolate croissant…well, maybe not. They are awfully delish…..  But no Morningstar products? Oh me oh my. Not sure how you are handling it. Oh! With croissant, bien sûr!