Hello Friday: The Fiercest Nerds on the Block March 20-26 Mar27

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Hello Friday: The Fiercest Nerds on the Block March 20-26

kellyraerobertsbookMan, it was hard to choose the best comments this week. Between America’s Best BBQ, Taylor Hicks’ Grease performance, and one of our bloggers going transcontinental, there were just so many. But here goes:


re: Procrastinate on This! Bye-Bye BSG, Hello Mermen!, in which I get oddly excited over a green-lit Splash retake, called Mermen.

slpc: i can’t wait for merman, because i too like shiny fishtails on beautiful people.


re: Fierce in Seattle: Possiblitarian, in which Kelli Bielema profiles Kelly Rae Roberts, a former social worker, who decided to become an artist and ended up making a fantastic go of it. Considering how many hits this article has gotten, I think we all needed the friendly reminder to follow our passions no matter how old we are or entrenched in our careers.

Meredith: This is a great reminder to me of how the happiest times in my life have always been when I am following my passion. Thanks!


re: Oh, It’s Tuesday: What’s in a Name if You Don’t Change It?, in which I reflect upon the joys and tribulations of not changing my name when I get married. We heard from women who changed their names, women who didn’t and one woman who is just dying to let go of her surname:

Kelli from “Fierce in Seattle”: my last name is soooo busted (although common in my hometown) & usually gets mistaken for BULIMIA, so yeah, i will be changing mine when the time comes. even if i’m 60 when it happens.

re: If You Ask Me: America’s Best BBQ. Period, in which BBQ expert Travis Randall weighs the tastiness of regional barbecues and decides that America’s best BBQ is from the South. A straight up fight broke out over this in the comments, and one commenter might have won it with this charming story:

slpc: southern bbq is by FAR the best. so glad to have the bbq expert on my side in this very important matter [ … ] my husband thinks the hushpuppy is what completes great bbq. i tend to agree. supposedly, the scraps of fried bread (later cornmeal) were invented by southern cooks to keep in the pockets of their apron as they went back and forth from the kitchen to the smokehouse. the cook would throw a hushpuppy or two to keep the dogs from jumping up and snatching the meat — hence the term “hush puppy.” THAT’S how good southern bbq was — they invented one of the best side dishes ever in order to keep the dogs from devouring the main dish.


re: Wonderfully Awful: Your Hedges Need a Trim, in which Robin Rosenzweig talks about the new Schick ad for their “down there” razor and the modern song that Taylor Hicks performs after the curtain call for Grease, which he is appearing in right now in Los Angeles. Exactly 24 hours after our last comment fight broke out over BBQ, and EVEN BIGGER one broke out over whether white-haired soul was appropriate for a Grease production. Also, one commenter took the time to warn us against buying intimate razors, just b/c they have funny ads — he learned this the hard way.

Zacki from “Tall Glass of Shame”: I was taken by the ad campaign for the Norelco Men’s Body Groom a few months back… humor sells me on an item really easily… sadly it was a piece of crap (I won’t get into that here as i’m sure you aren’t interested in my hair maintenance habits), but at any rate I adore that [Schick] commercial.


re: Secret Life of a Nerd Girl, in which Gudrun Cram-Drach annonces that she’s moving to France to settle down with a guy, which is kind of funny, since most of her peers are also settling down right now, but with kids which means they’re more concerned with moving to neighborhoods with good school districts — and that their glamorous travel days are pretty much over. A couple of commenters didn’t feel that they fit this profile.

prackin: Hey there… Don’t go painting all the old people with one brush. Some of us are buying houses in bad school districts and, uh, “up and coming” neighborhoods!

jim: …and others only want children if they can hatch as full-grown adults and are willing to work full-time to support their darling parents