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Hello Friday: The Fiercest Nerds on the Block: May 1 – May 7

etcweek33belly2I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. The month of May always just seems to get really busy. First it was finals. Then it was getting ready for bikini season. Then it was finals again (grad school this time). Then it was getting ready for bikini season again. And now I’m gearing up for the June birth of my daughter.

What is it about May?

Anyway, let’s all wind down with the best comments of the week. Oh, and don’t forget to look for me on today’s “Expectant Mother’s Day” episode of Ellen. I’m the black girl in the green dress, freaking out when she gives us the free dishwasher.


re: Missy Kulik’s Dork Lifestyle comic, in which Missy expresses her desire to see the chicken character’s she drew as a child become a cartoon someday. One of our commenters took the opportunity to make a pun — which is how you know that this is nerd blog.

Sallie from “Fierce or Nerdy”: whoa — when i was in 4th grade, i had a terribly 80’s sweatshirt almost EGGSACTLY like the one Eggworth is wearing. i’m sure my mom got it at TJ Max. Sigh. and yes, i would totally [watch] that show.


re: Big Things Poppin – Huge News re: 32 Candles, in which I told you (in the longest way possible) that HarperCollins bought my novel!!! I was blown away by all of the fantastic comments, but this one was my favorite, b/c it was a play on words, and you know I love me some wordplay.

Yusuf: oh my goodness. right the fuck on and write the fuck on. so happy for you.


re: Thought Chuck for May 5, in which Charles Cron informed us that Coca-Cola in it’s natural state is actually green. This gave me serious pause, but apparently the the majority of FaN readers don’t mind this factoid.

Monique from “Political Physics”: I would totally drink Coke if it were green! Frankly I’d drink Coke regardless of the color!


re: Wonderfully Awful: Love Thy Neighbor Pt. 2, in which Robin Rosenzweig proves (once again) that she has the worst apartment building neighbors like ever. I’m seriously afraid to find out what or who happens in “Love Thy Neighbor Pt. 3.”

Brian V: I want a meth-fueled Aston Marten! Awesome!


re: DVR Alert: Feeling Spocky, in which we gushed about Leonard Nimoy being on the May 12 season finale of Fringe. One commenter made the cardinal sin of Trekkers everywhere.

Amy from “Tall Drink of Nerd”: OMG, how embarrassing for a long time Trek-y to say “Star Wars”, and I was just mocking the new Cap’n Kirk, Chris Pine, for saying “Star Wars” during an interview about the movie.

I’m going to choose to blame my snafu on Khan Noonien Singh. KHAAAANNN!!!