Hello Friday: Your Celebrity Doppelganger Feb20

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Hello Friday: Your Celebrity Doppelganger

So the weirdest thing has happened. Not one, but BOTH of the celebrities I kind of look alike are in a commercial together. Apparently, Target has decided to go a little deeper and charitable for Black History Month.

They cast both India.Arie,¬† who I often got compared to back when I had dreads and Thelma Golden, a renowned art world figure and fellow Smith-alum who I literally was mistaken for by a couple of other black people — including my future best friend¬† — when she visited Smith back when I had a short natural exactly like hers. Also, my father called into the room to see this “lil’ art woman that looks exactly like you, Ness” when she was on Charlie Rose.

But what are the chances of BOTH of your celebrity doppelgangers showing up in the same commercial. Crazy, right???

That got me to thinking about you guys. Do any of you guys have celebrity doppelgangers? And if so, have you ever met them?