How Can You Not Redneckognize The Beauty Of Halloween?! [A Tall Glass of Shame] Oct26

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How Can You Not Redneckognize The Beauty Of Halloween?! [A Tall Glass of Shame]

Every year I bring you dear readers a little morsel of Halloween joy, and this year is no exception. I did however want to address a growing faction of what I will lovingly refer to as “Halloween Haters.” It appears some people love reveling in their hatred for this amazing holiday, fiercely blaming commercialization, and shrugging with a “I’m just not that into it” as their perennial answer to why they despise this unholiest of holidays. Those of you out there that hate the dressing up, the decorations and all the candy are missing out in my opinion, but I know no amount of my chatter will change your minds…
Here is a video of Paul explaining “I HATE Halloween!” and how he thinks it is “booooring.” Seriously?

Perhaps if you weren’t looking for the Spirit of Halloween in a half rate dollar store, you wouldn’t find it all so “boring” Paul. There are so many directions you can go at Halloween with decorations, to parties and especially costuming yourself for all those drunken extravaganzas. How on Earth can you find the plethora of creativity surrounding this holiday “Boring?!” I guess if you aren’t very creatively minded and don’t really like sweets then you probably just feel left out. That’s fine Paul, stay home, watch Mean Girls for the 47th time and order a pizza while the rest of us go out and have some “boooooooring” fun.
Now since I have talked at length recently about America’s newest sweetheart Honey Boo Boo, I thought this year I would focus on the world of Rednecks for my Halloween edition of A Tall Glass of Shame. Rednecks are an easy and widely accepted costume for the uninventive, but they also provide a hot of horrifyingly fun options for treats and decor. You’re Welcome…
Here’s Some Redneck Pumpkin Carving Action:

Now if you are on a budget like me, you will most likely need some assistance in the decoration department this year. How about we get creative with our decorations and use something already laying around the house? I give you the beauty of “Tampon Crafts”

You could even make some festive “lights” to string around the room and then simply reuse them for Xmas. A true redneck would just leave ‘em up all year, that is of course until it rains…
Make your own redneck tampon lights!
Planning a party? Need some fun treats for all your redneck friends that are coming over? We got you covered! Check out this video of some amazing “Redneck Halloween Treats”

I’m sure by now you have seen the new Candy Corn Oreos, but how do they really taste? For the best review I have seen so far check out fellow FaN blogger Jersey Joe’s rundown on whether they are a yay or nay

I know in some areas of the US it is already starting to get bitterly cold, so why not warm up your punchbowl with the following idea: “Bartles and Jaymes Heated Up!”

And last but not least this year, my little video rundown wouldn’t be complete without a little trick to go along with your treat, so check out this mean Halloween trick sponsored by LG!

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