Hypercolor Shirts and Other Stupid Fads [Tall Glass of Shame] Apr14

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Hypercolor Shirts and Other Stupid Fads [Tall Glass of Shame]

When I was 13 I loved my Hypercolor shirt with all my heart. Generra Hypercolor, for those of you that didn’t live through the early nineties, was heat sensitive clothing manufactured in Seattle that would shift from one color to another by holding a hand against it or blowing on it with hot breath. Often you could spot one a mile away when some guy walking down the street had on a green t-shirt but his armpits were vibrant blue. Hypercolor is what we like to call a stupid fad.

Stupid little fads like this always seemed to suck me in. I had a light purple shirt that shifted pink with heat — I wanted the blue one, but they had run out by the time I finally convinced my mother I couldn’t live without one. I would wear that shirt almost every day and my nightly ritual started to include things like “dry time” as you should never throw your Hypercolor clothes into a dryer. One day, one of my parents did just that. My cool shirt went from purple to a vibrant pink and stayed there. Now too gay for words, that shirt would never come near my body again.

I have to think that my parents somehow got some joy from watching me and my friends drool over something that added up to no more than a mood ring in the form of a shirt. People buy into almost any fad either to “be cool” or “look the part.” Fashion speaks on so many levels, not just about class status, or profession, but in the modern age we look to it as a means of expressing our creativity. Yes, buying into a ridiculous fad isn’t necessarily showing a creative side, but wearing something that is interactive, gets people to touch you, and starts a conversation is at least stepping in the right direction. (Side Note: Snap Bracelets were popular then too, but I wouldn’t be caught dead with one of those… that’s why I owned four.)

This week I’d like to examine the brave souls that are daring to push things just a little bit farther than everyone else when it comes to expressing themselves through fashion. I scoured the web this week looking for some fun little gems where we have to ask, are these people on a new plane of fashion we have yet to catch up to, or are they maybe a little off their rockers?

Now, let’s go back to the 80s for a second shall we? Don’t worry, we won’t stay long. After we finish watching this commercial let’s bury it and pretend this never happened okay? Everybody loves a good Music Vest right?! (commercial 1985)

At first I thought it was a joke, and then I discovered it really is a movement… Classify this under terrifying but true: Behind The Seams: Mexican Pointy Boots

If you have yet to see the amazing BBC show “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding,” then you have to check out this clip from an episode all about the dresses. This show provides me and my coworker endless entertainment.

Sometimes we must suffer for our fashion…. Here is Bizarre ER: I’ve glued a hat to my head!

And sometimes we must suffer for other people’s fashion choices: I bring you the horror of the day… Floozie Koozies! These are fashion drink holders for your beer or cocktail, because everyone wants to be the tackiest girl at the bachelorette party!

And now for a shameless plug, which you know dear readers I never do…. I have a good friend who is a very talented and extremely creative soul who has been working on creating a line of wearable faux fur fashions for Burning Man called PlayaMates. His stuff has to be seen to be believed. At night, out in the desert, these fashions will not only keep you warm but keep you ahead of the style curve. He has taken faux fur to a whole new and unexpected place. These outfits are great not only for the cold desert, they are perfect for Rave Culture and frankly anywhere you want to be noticed. You can check out some of his warm and funky fashions at the link below:

Playamates! http://playamates.com/

Now I’m off to hit eBay and see if I can snag me a Hypercolor shirt that still works!