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I Am A TV Addict [Newly Nested]

While summer is my favorite season (perhaps because I’m a summer baby), I always welcome the fall because it is the return of TV season.  Right now I am so happy because 80% of my DVR is loaded with shows that I probably won’t realistically have the time to catch up with.  That is heaven to me.

Ernessa and the rest of the folks at FAN have done a great job with reviewing all the new TV shows and I have to say I agree with most of them.  My ultimate favorite new show is Revenge, which I blame on the old WB show Everwood where I first saw Emily VanCamp.  You can make fun of me all you want, but that show was awesome in the cheesiest family way and I especially loved that there was a character with the name Ephram (a favorite of mine) on TV.  While Revenge is nothing like Everwood, I am really enjoying an old favorite carrying her own show.  The only problem I see is how ABC is going to be able to carry that show beyond one season without jumping the shark.

[FRINGE SPOILER ALERT, SKIP TO NEXT PARAGRAPH TO AVOID] Speaking of jumping the shark, I think that one of my surprise favorites (mostly because I usually hate SyFy) Fringe has jumped the shark with J.J. Abrams favorite writing gimmick—what would happen in the alternate universe?  He did this by getting rid of the main character Peter.  Now there are four universes to think about—here with Peter, there with Peter, here without Peter, and there without Peter.  What is Abram’s thinking?  I hated Lost and I am just hoping Fringe isn’t going to turn into a Lost 2.0.  Did anyone see Friday’s episode?  It was just BAD.


I think my real growing addiction for TV comes from the growing daughter I have in my belly.  I’ve kind of been in mommy denial.  I hear how hard and time consuming a newborn is, but something about me just won’t accept that I will have that problem.  However, the more I look at the shows piling up on my DVR the more I realize that I might not be able to watch them all anymore.  What would I cut?  My new favorite Revenge, and old favorite The Good Wife, or would I realize (just like I did when I got rid of cable for a few months) that I really don’t care about half the things I watch when they aren’t there for me?

Like any addict, the idea of having to cut down my TV addiction makes me angry, gives me the sweats,  and just seems nearly impossible to deal with.  Until the reality hits I’m going to be sitting on my couch for hours at a time watching.  What do you think of the new TV season so far?

On a completely separate note I wanted to give you all a heads up that my next post will be my last one for a while.  I am thatclose to this baby popping, so I’ll be taking a hiatus to adjust into my new role.

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