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Future’s So Bright: Fine Living


A blogumn by Josh Grelle

Yola, everybody! My name is Josh. I’m 14 years old and, for lack of a better word, a nerd. However, I don’t think that really sums me up. Perhaps if I find the word I’m looking for, I’ll tell you, but for now I’m just a nerd.

I’m writing to you from the bustling metropolis of Plano TX, a Dallas suburb of about 250,000 people. I am currently attending the ninth grade at Vines High School A.K.A. The Pharmacy. I’m sure you all remember high school as it doesn’t seem like one of those things that you can forget — even if you wanted to.

This column is designed to bring you the latest high school trends and fads and also life from the point of view of a high school nerd (me). In future blogs, I will write about books that I enjoyed, music that I listened to, movies that I loved, and T.V shows that I feel are worth checking out.

Speaking on that subject, I rather enjoyed this new show the first time I watched it: Whatever Martha! (Fine Living Network, 9pm, Tuesdays) —  oh, and the by the way, I don’t just randomly watch the Fine Living Network. I saw a commercial for this show while my mom was watching the Fine Living Network, and I decided to catch it.

Turns out that Whatever Martha! is sadistically funny, and I plan to make it a weekly watch. The main idea of the show is that Alexis Stewart (yes, Martha Stewart’s daughter) and Jennifer Koppelman Hutt use clips of Martha’s old shows and basically make fun her. Alexis and Jennifer are not afraid to say what’s going on in their minds, and it’s often the very same thing that’s going through yours. They also give an interesting insight into what Martha Stewart was really like as a mother. I mean come on do you really think that she acts like she does on TV in real life. I really must insist that you all at least try and watch/TiVo this show because it’s hilarious. See what I mean after the jump: