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I Vant to Drink Your Blood [Poll on This]

At the tender age of 8, I bought a vinyl album that had the story of Dracula on one side and Frankenstein on the B-side (kids ask your parents about B-sides). When Kim Gibbs had a sleep-over, Halloween party at her house, I brought the record for everybody to listen to. Of course, I had to run from the room in terror half-way through the Dracula side. I was an impressionable child and Dracula freaked me out.

At around the age of 11, I read Salem’s Lot for the first time. We had a enormous lilac bush in our front yard, large enough so I could walk through the tunnel made by the growing plant. Now, I just knew that vampires were hiding in that tunnel and would come out every night to watch me through my bedroom window, waiting for me to let them in. Even though the thought of a vampire terrified me, they also fascinate me.

It all made sense a bit later, with the introduction of the pure sexual hunger of the vampire, Lestat. Then Gary Oldman gave sensually seductive appeal back to good old Vlad the blood-sucker. The creatures showed another side of primal need.

Now we have brooding Edward Cullen: The reluctant vampire. He doesn’t scare me at all. This generation of vamps is leaving a bad taste in my mouth. So I figured you might have an opinion too. Click below to weigh in on who sucks the most. And feel free to add your own fav versions of the photophobic in the comments below.

What kind of vampire is the best?

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