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If You Ask Me: Fancy Schmancy Grill Gear


a blogumn by Travis Randall

bbqwearI profile lots of cooking/grilling products on my website. Some are cheap and simple and some are very expensive and fancy. I do this because…well…I get free stuff to do it. Inevitably all of these products end up in the garbage can or the garage. Why? It’s because any self respecting griller or pit master doesn’t need or want these flashy products. It’s like the middle aged guy in the fancy sports car scenario, you must be compensating for something. In this case it’s probably because you gotz no skillz.

So what is it that you need to be the master of your backyard BBQ? Here are a few of the essentials according to me…a master.

Get yourself a quality grill. Quality does not mean expensive! A Weber Kettle grill is cheap, available everywhere, versatile, and amazing. Some people have to go the gas grill route. If this is the case make sure you get one with high BTUs and a sturdy stance. Cast iron or porcelain coated grates are best for gas grills.

Quality Utensils – Again, quality does not mean expensive. Get a thick metal spatula. The best tongs are the cheap ones available at restaurant supply stores. There is a reason they are in virtually every restaurant, they rule. I’m amazed more people don’t use them at home. They make lots of gizmos but I can’t find one that actually is needed and doesn’t make you yourself look like a tool other  than the Happy Hooker. Some people like grill weights for steaks and burgers. I invented the best one ever. I wrap a brick in foil. It weighs the exact amount of awesome needed to grill perfectly.

Clothing – A hat with a liquor company or wild animal on it works best. The one time a man is allowed to where an apron while home cooking is at the BBQ. This way you can go from grill to social time seamlessly. Your apron should say something funny or have a skull and crossbones on it to be acceptable.

A Good Butcher – The grocery store sells meat but do they LOVE meat? A butcher shop loves meat. They can recommend great cuts to you and tell you what’s freshest and tastiest that day. I cannot stress this enough…make friends with your butcher! I consider my butcher to be an essential component to any BBQ.

So get out there, gear up, and feed your friends!

. photo credit: Lindsay Holmwood
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