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If You Ask Me: How Hot Is Too Hot To BBQ?

a blogumn by Travis Randall

toohotbbqThe weather has been in the high 90’s this week here in L.A. and someone commented it may be too hot to BBQ. WHAT?!? I was raised in the Midwest where they have a little thing called “humidity”. I never heard the good people up there complain that it was too hot to be grilling. For that matter, those crazy bastards will BBQ when it’s 30 below zero. They are real Americans…it brings a red, white, and blue tear to my patriotic eye.

If it is too hot for you I have a solution, booze. I prefer beer when BBQ’ing but whiskey is good too. Maybe you don’t drink alcohol and you would prefer a nice cool glass of lemonade? Then go steam your veggies inside because there is no way you are a carnivore. If you aren’t a carnivore you ARE food and you need to keep safe. BBQ’ing is a sport and they don’t cancel football games because it’s too hot do they?

I prefer to traditionally BBQ my meat, by that I mean smoking it. I smoke it at between 215 and 230 degrees so I guess if it gets to 231 degrees outside I might excuse you from honoring your meat with natural fuel.

If you make the commitment to go outside with your favorite beverage and cook in the extreme heat you do deserve some reprieve from the heat. The best cooler is a swimming pool but if you don’t have one go to Walmart and get yourself a childrens pool. Dump in a bag of ice and cool yourself and your next beer at the same time. Umbrellas work well too. Make sure it has a sports logo or a skull & crossbones on it. Sorry ladies, no floral prints while cooking with fire.

I think you get my point. You can skip jogging on these hot April days but don’t forsake the Q! BBQ is on the rise worldwide so we need to keep our chops up. We don’t want to lose the upper hand on an art we invented.

I recently directed a music video and BBQ is such a part of my life that I made it the theme for the video. Check it out after he jump:

. photo credit: atomicity
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