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In Defense of the Indefensible: The Undecideds

I must admit that I have often joined in the piling on of vitirol re: people who still haven’t decided who they’re going to vote for. With only two weeks to go to the election, I felt that these people were either a) idiots and/or b) trying to get attention. Either way, I didn’t see any reason to give them all of the attention that the media has been paying them.

But this morning, NPR finally managed to dredge up some undecideds that finally made sense. Apparently, this couple had been planning to vote for John McCain, but the increasingly crappy economy has them rethinking their decision; and now they’re going back and forth with themselves, trying to decide. They’re also really angry that neither candidate is laying out a step-by-step plan as to how they plan to fix the economy.

This is an interesting anger point, because I doubt that either candidate actually has time right now to put together a concise plan. One candidate can’t solve the economy alone. That takes teams and a lot of think tank hours. It’s not something you do on a weekend retreat or anything.

But maybe more to their point is that if either candidate put forth even a specific preliminary plan, they would be creamed by the other side in the interest of winning and spinning, which makes it very difficult to truly determine who might provide the better bang for your buck economy-wise.

So much like the I went back and forth with myself about  Single Fertilization vs. Double Fertilization, and sadly, the much more thought about Blackberry vs. iPhone; I can accept that a few of these undecideds might actually still be going back and forth with themselves about McCain vs. Obama.

But the rest of them are probably just idiots and/or 15-minutes-of-fame whores.