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Inspirational Monday: Your Dreams — Get on Board!


A blogumn by Kalimba Bennett

kari_dream_board-702756Welcome back to our third part of our goal setting series – creating your dream board!  

What is a dream board?  It’s using pictures and images to represent the concrete list of our goals.  In doing this we ignite a spark of excitement about our goals that goes beyond “thinking” and we remember what it is to be childlike, to be excited about what is next in our lives.

The intention of this process is to get out of the left brain and into our right.  As we get older and start to plan for our future and work hard toward “accomplishing”, we can feel weighted down and quickly lose the “fun component.”

You’ll need a few tools for this final phase:

1.  Your complete list of goals.
2.  One piece of poster board.
3.  Markers, pens, crayons, etc.
4.  Magazines that you are finished reading.
5.  Any other fun arts and crafts supplies.
6.  Glue and scissors.

To start, find a space in your home that’s inspiring.  As you set out your supplies, make sure you give yourself at least an hour to play.  Again, you want to create the time and space to continue freely envision your ultimate 2009.

Looking over your list, begin to draw, paint, or use cut outs from magazines to create a visual representation of each goal.  If one of your goals is a new car, cut out the exact image of the car you want.  If there is a big account you want this year, draw a stick figure of you shaking hands with the business owner.  If you want to take a family vacation, draw an image of you and your family laying on a beach.  

Some other ideas – cut out catch phrases or inspiration words that excite you, use photographs of you at your most excited, most in love, most happy and paste them on the board.  Fill your entire board remembering it’s impossible to do it wrong!

Here’s an example of what the final product might look like


When you are finished, hang the board in a place that you will see it every day – in your home office, in your cubicle, or even on your refrigerator.  Use it as an inspirational reminder of who you want to become in 2009 and what you want to create for you life!  You can place your list of goals next to it.  As you accomplish  your goals throughout the year, check them off the list.

I hope this tool is helpful.  My prayer for you is that you move into 2009 feeling both clear about what you want and inspired to make it happen.  May 2009 be the most phenomenal year of your life!

Bless your bones,