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iPhone: Love vs Loathe

Now I’m loving my new iPhone, but I’m also a fan of bi-partisanship. So in the interest of fairness, every so once and awhile I’m going to list something I love and loathe about the iPhone.

LOATHE: The cursor. Maybe I’m missing something, but there seems to no way to move the cursor, using the keypad. You can touch the screen, but often I’ve found it impossible to get the cursor to go precisely where I want to go, which has led to me having to delete more text than I want to, just to get to the letter that I actually want to erase. Very annoying.

LOVE: The little notepad, that allows you to write electronic notes. This especially came in handy on Saturday, when I woke up with middle of the night brainstorm and was able to record all of fresh thoughts on my iPhone without having to turn on the light and wake CH. The mad artist in me likey!

Let me know what features you love and loathe on the iPhone in the comments. And if you want to read some more gripes, check this out.