Is He the Coolest Teacher on the Planet? [Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Jan18

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Is He the Coolest Teacher on the Planet? [Kicking Back with Jersey Joe]

Teaching can be one of the most under appreciated professions on the planet. Mouthy students, angry parents, and little pay make this one of the toughest jobs. Fortunately, one teacher kept his head cool when a gang fight breaks out in his classroom. Watch as he quickly and skillfully defuses the situation.

There was no better way to handle this volatile situation than he did. He quickly stepped in and used tone of voice and authority to take control. While he kept the two fighting students in line, he never once started screaming, as many others would have in his place.

His greatest line… “BEFORE I MAKE CHANGE OUT OF YOU… AND HIM!” Very well said and it caused the one punk to run out of the classroom.

The diplomatic and controlling way he handled this would make him a perfect fit for President of the United States, don’t you think? Wouldn’t it have been great to see him lay the smack down on Congress, when they couldn’t get a budget in time for the fiscal cliff or get aid to Hurricane Sandy victims? I would also love to see him in addressing a foreign country that’s causing trouble? I’m sure he would calmly, but authoritatively handle the situation.

If some bureaucrat gets in his face he could always “…squash this right now!” Imagine that with an army of well trained troops behind him! I would completely trust this guy with his finger on the button!

According to comments on the video written by students, his name is Mr. Ruffin. The class this happened in was Algebra I at James Clemens High School, in Madison, Wisconsin. He is not currently listed as a teacher there, according to the school’s website, but the video was uploaded in 2011.

When one room schoolhouses opened during the early days of our country, teachers had to worry about teaching several grades at once, lighting the stove, and keeping the school open. Now, in addition to budget cutbacks, state testing, and more, you have increasingly disrespectful loud mouth punks that I could never put up with.

A teacher’s passion and job is to educate the next generation. It’s up to them to teach us how to read, write, and to explore our world from history to music. Often under-appreciated, but always there, we all owe a great deal to those teachers whose classrooms we were mostly proud to sit in.

THE 411

Occupation: Teachers
What: classroom instructors from preschool – college
Salary: not nearly enough


I just had to share this video when I came across it.  This guy is the Samuel L. Jackson of teachers, minus the potty mouth. Someone, please convince him to run for office!

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