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It Came From the 90′s! (…and so did this playlist!) by Tom Stillwagon

Brush off those old Doc Martens, and pop on your favorite flannel shirt.  I’m taking you back to the early 1990’s, to a little place called Seattle, Washington.

For those of you that are old enough to remember, please enjoy this trip down memory lane.
For those that are not, here, check this out.  Feel the angst.

THIS WEEKS Fierce and Nerdy Playlist!!! – It Came From the 90′s

Enjoy the last great revolution that pure rock music has offered us, and may ever offer us.

Relevant or not (more than likely not) – a lot of these bands are still making noise:

Mudhoney was recently the first band to play a live show atop the famous Seattle Space Needle.

Paul McCartney has been filling in for Kurt Cobain in recent random Nirvana reunion one-offs
(I swear, if you use the word Sirvana in my presence, it will be the last word you ever speak.)

The new Pearl Jam record is due out soon (check their new single here) and Alice In Chains put out a new full length cd earlier this year (their second without deceased frontman Layne Stayley.)

Also, for all you Los Angelinos, Melvins will be playing at FYF this year.
I will see you in the pit for that one!

This is it for me, kids.  My time at Fierce and Nerdy has come to an end.
Thanks for reading, thanks for listening.

For updates on what I’m up to, and where you can find my future work, please visit

Rock over London.  Rock on Chicago.  Peace.

THIS WEEKS Fierce and Nerdy Playlist!!! – It Came From the 90′s