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It Was the Worst of Years…

So what was your worst moment of 2008?

That would be a toss-up between the day our 16 yr old cat Weasel was euthanized or the night my Dad went into the hospital with Mylodysplasia Syndrome (MDS) The loss of Weasel is still tough, there are times where I cry just cause I still miss her. Dad is getting better, but sitting with him at the Oncology lab while he took his chemo treatments was definitely tough. — Amy from “Tall Drink of Nerd”

This would be work related so I will self edit to avoid losing my job. — CH from “Buy Your Geek This”

Being the 57th person to be laid off from my workplace, and knowing that if the remaining few can’t ride out this recession, the company may go out of business. It would be one thing if this was an isolated incident particular to my own life. But people all over the world are getting the pink slip and wondering how we’re gonna get by. It’s gonna get worse before it gets better. — Clark from “Nerd Date”

Recently, I found out my mom is getting a second divorce.  It was all her idea, and he and I are not even that close, but it just gave me one more reason to believe that forever is unattainable. — Delia from “Chic Geek”

Jeez Louise, there have been so many. Most of them boy related, many of them involving something that felt like heartbreak, but all of were steps in the right direction. — Gudrun from “Secret Life of a Nerd Girl”

Had an argument with a loved one via cell phone, but the backdrop was gorgeous. The roof of the Grove parking garage, with a panoramic view from hints of ocean west to downtown towers east. To the north the line of Sunset Blvd skirting the Hollywood Hills. Ever notice how clouds make mountains seem taller?  — Jeff from “Hippie Squared”

Every moment I look at my bank account. — Jessica from “Musings on the Amusing”

Breaking my collarbone for the third time in my life. I knew that this time it was going to do irreparable damage to my body and my credit standing.— Kaboom from “Venice Flytrap”

Wow. There were so many (worst moments of the year). I kinda’ wanna’ say the veritable collapse of the U.S. economy, which started a few months ago and is still sort-of in progress. Or George W. Bush still being in office. Or another year going by without anybody in the White House being held accountable for completely “missing” the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, or for the enormity of the “mistakes” that have been made with regard to Iraq. But these are all sorta’ ongoing moments. So I’m gonna’ go with writing fifteen pages of stand-up material about Oprah, most of which’ll probably never see daylight ‘cause there’s so much of it. Either that or, in retrospect, buying a ticket for Hitman. — Jordan from “Enough Already”

My friend John died. I miss him, but know he was on this earth to teach me how to treat everyone, including myself. — Kelli from “Fierce Science”

In the summer there were a few break ins in our neighborhood. We are on a very quiet street, but it was so stressful during this time. I am glad to say we have since installed a home alarm and have not heard of any trouble since the summer! — Missy from “Dork Lifestyle”

I can remember the day…March 6th.  I went to a routine appointment with my OBGYN and she said that I was 3 centimeters dilated which was a problem since I was only 30 weeks pregnant. I was rushed to the hospital, pumped with steroids to jump start the development of my son’s lungs and hooked up to all kinds of monitors!  My husband (and mom) were both out of town.  I was scared to death and have never felt as alone! — Monique from “Political Physics”

Learning that my aunt had lung cancer.  My mother is already dealing with terminal thyroid cancer, and then to hear about my aunt…just seemed like overkill on the universe’s part. — Redheaded Stepchild

I think my depression is getting worse as I get older. This was the year I, for the first time, experienced the urge to hurt myself.  Yay 2008.  — Roya from “Fierce Foodie”

Sitting, teary eyed, in an animal hospital room as my beloved, but very sick, Labrador retriever was put to sleep– Oops, sorry. I was confusing my life with the ending of Marley & Me. I hate it when that happens. — Ryan from “Fierce Anticipation”

Puking all over myself in a friend’s car after drinking 2 bottles of wine (1 red, 1 white, NEVER MIX WINES, PEOPLE!) and various other mismatched alcoholic beverages. I managed to contain the vomit to my person, and my purse, but that was a big “Game Over” moment. I had to go home and hose myself off. — Tabitha from “Fierce Science”

And the dark moment in U.S. History that was the passage of Prop 8:

The passage of Proposition 8 in California – a black spot on the history-making election. — Charles from “Thought Chuck”

I don’t often cry over bad news, but I cried when Prop 8 passed. Such a huge, frustrating step backwards. — etc

I have to say, it was pretty terrible that what should have been an unquestionably jubilant moment – Barack Obama’s election night – was severly dampened for me when I realized that Prop 8 was going to pass. I had a really hard time feeling the joy that I was watching on TV when this news began to settle in. That’s a memory that’s going to stick with me for a good, long while. — Robin from “Wonderfully Awful”