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It’s Raining Christmas! A Drag Queen, Menorah and Gwar Christmas Spectacular! [A Tall Glass of Shame]

The holidays are upon us, as I am sure you all are too well aware. I bet everyone has noticed this fact since Halloween this year when stores and radio stations started playing those damn Christmas songs! (Side Note: Do people still listen to regular radio anymore besides me?) By now you probably have 3 gifts purchased for yourself and a list of countless others you have to drag your ass to the mall for, so as is my tradition, here is a fun feast of crazy videos to watch and get you into the spirit of the season.

Do you like/hate the band Wham!? Do you hate and yet love the song “Last Christmas” as much as I do? Then you’ll love this horrendous remixed version with a mash-up video of a woman dancing on butter… (And not so successfully I might add.)

For all you horrendous messy pigs, here is a video on: Holiday Eating Etiquette

And here is a little something for our Jewish friends: Chevonne – “My Menorah”

What is Christmas without a little drag? Here are The Supreme Fabulettes with their hit: You Ruined My Christmas!

I can’t let this year slip by without sharing with you RuPaul’s version of my least favorite holiday classic: Little Drummer Boy

When Christmas carols aren’t exciting enough, just add Gwar!

Everyone’s favorite Drag close harmony singing group, the Kinsey Sicks love their Xmas Parodies

Anyone in LA probably knows about Jackie Beat, but now the whole world can too! Here is her heart”worm”ing rendition of “Santa’s Baby.”

And since we gayed up the Christmas Spectacular edition of A Tall Glass of Shame this week, I wanted to share with you the grandaddy of all Christmas tributes: The Weather Girls singing Dear Santa!

A merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to one and all! Stay tuned for more drag queens, designs, celebrity foibles and other pop culture randomness right here at A Tall Glass of Shame in the new year, and everyone have a safe and insane holiday season!

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