It’s Thanksgiving, Shouldn’t You Be Procrastinating on This?

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Technically we’re off, getting our tummy and shopping gobble gobble on until next Monday, but you know I couldn’t leave you without some form of procrastination to get you through the long holiday weekends. I love you too much for that, boo!

1. Here’s a Cyber Monday coupon for the We Love Fine shop, to get your nerdy T-shirts for 25% off. If you go through as many nerdy T-shirts as my husband does, you’re probably pretty stoked right now. [The Mary Sue]

2. And if you, like me, have to curb your book habit because of end-of-the-year shopping for others shenanigans, here’s a handy graphic of Project Gutenberg’s Top 50 Free eb00ks. Click on the pic to enlarge.


3. Speaking of books, looking for an audiobook to distract you from your family this weekend? ¬†Then check out this list of “Best Audiobooks to Distract You from Your Family this Weekend.” I just downloaded THE PASSAGE myself, but um, don’t tell my family.¬†[i09]

4. Apparently, it’s really hard to be a food writer during Thanksgiving. Apparently, Gawker doesn’t agree. Click through for both the whine and the take down. [Gawker]

5. My only Black Friday plans are to eat leftovers and make a list of Cyber Monday sales. But just in case, you want to actually go into the real world to shop, here’s a handy guide for doing so. [My Brown Baby]

6. And, I’ll just, ahem, leave these 10 tips for having sex after a huge holiday meal here. [The Frisky]

7. And of course Sanrio has a Thanksgiving Hello Kitty — obviously. Click on the pic to buy yours for $28.