Jaw Dropping Natural Disasters Caught on Camera [Kicking Back with Jersey Joe] Oct21

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Jaw Dropping Natural Disasters Caught on Camera [Kicking Back with Jersey Joe]

It’s certainly been a rocky couple of years on planet earth.  Every continent has experienced at least one (if not more) major disaster(s).  With all the cameras and technology out there, the power of Mother Nature has been caught on tape. And based on these jaw dropping videos I found… she’s one mad mother!

I don’t remember seeing many of these videos on the national news broadcasts.  Usually, after a few days, they move onto another topic and these images are left to live to the web.  With the technological age we live in, we are able to beam images of a natural disaster seconds after they happen.  When an area is struck particularly hard, it can take time for the infrastructure to be repaired and lives to be rebuilt, before these have a chance to be seen.

On March 11, 2011 Japan was the epicenter of a massive 9.0 earthquake. Almost every citizen in this densely populated country had their cameras on at the time and now we can all relive those horrifying 60 seconds.

Much of the rocking, rolling, and destruction was captured on everything from security cameras to cell phones.  But, the massive tsunami that followed brought us some of the most shocking footage of all.

Check out this video from a car’s dashboard camera of the quake and the car suddenly being engulfed and floating in the wave!

Take a close look – there are people still inside many of those cars!

Here’s more rare earthquake footage.  A guy is walking in the park as the earthquake happens and he captures the ground moving and cracking apart!

So, what would a massive earthquake look like inside a casino?  Check out this video from the Chilean earthquake in 2010.

Casinos don’t miss a beat, however.  The battery backup kicks in and within a few moments, most of those machines are ready to play.

Onto other weather; how would you feel if you were stuck in traffic and sitting in the middle of a bridge when a tornado suddenly forms and goes right over you?  It happened in Springfield, MA on June 1, 2011 and a local TV station’s tower cam captured the entire thing!

Thankfully, none of those cars appeared to have been blown off that bridge!  I’m sure that was a ride they’ll never forget!

So, can a tornado catch on fire?  In Brazil, it can!

More cars – more weather!  Check out this video as lighting strikes the car in the left lane!

Here’s a giant landslide that takes out a road and just about everything else around it!

Finally, check out this amazing video as a cameraman sneaks in to catch a volcano destroying an evacuated town.  I’ve never seen video of boiling hot water rolling down a city street before…

While New York City was spared major damage from Hurriance Irene, upstate New York was not so lucky.

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In late August, I was in two major natural disasters – just days apart.  On a Wednesday, I was riding out an earthquake and by Saturday, I was evacuating in front of a hurricane!  Both a rarity for New York, but all the news coverage got me thinking.  In this day and age there are tons of cameras and cell phones out there and someone has to be capturing and sharing these images.  Turns out – I was right.

In the end, neither event seriously affected my life, but at the time it was quite terrifying.  Many who live within a short drive of me, weren’t so lucky and my heart goes out to them.  You’ll also learn very, very fast who your close friends are at a time like that!

While, New York was spared from major damage, other cities and countries have really been hit hard by Mother Nature.

A tornado bears down on a rural Alabama town.

The best advice, when the authorities tell you to evacuate – leave.  I don’t recommend riding around in your car, looking for that perfect camera shot.  Make sure you have your insurance paid up, check on your friends and loved ones, and say a prayer, because when the earth let’s loose – she’s the only one who wins.

And do your part to help the cleanup.  Make a donation to the American Red Cross or your local disaster relief agency.

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Image credits: kingbob.net, The American Red Cross and brandoncripps