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JEM Gets a Viral Video Makeover [Procrastinate on This]

Do you think you love Jem? Do you really? Because let me tell you something, son: nobody loves Jem like I love me some Jem. Don’t even try to challenge me on this, because it will end with me singing BOTH versions of the opening song, along with long-memorized renditions of forgotten-by-you classics like, “All’s Right with the World.”

But I’m not here to talk about my superior love for the most under appreciated soap opera disguised as a cartoon ever (really, they never should have canceled it, because I’d still be watching). I’m just here to let you know that they’re showing the series on a newish network called the hub now. And they’ve recruited the guy from Honey Badger Don’t Care to do the promos.

Did I mention that I’m a bigger Jem fan than you are? I just really want to make sure we’re all clear on that. ~via Jezebel