Jersey Joe’s Favorite Actress is Absolutely Kate Mulgrew [XXOO] Mar30

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Jersey Joe’s Favorite Actress is Absolutely Kate Mulgrew [XXOO]

From the EiC: Thank you so much for joining us for our month long tribute to our favorite Lady Nerds. It did sooo well, and we’ll definitely be celebrating more nerds with you next March. Til then, keep on appreciating your favorite Lady Nerds. 

We started the series with Lt. Uhura (Nichelle Nichols) from the original STAR TREK and we’re ending it with Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew) from STAR TREK: VOYAGER. As you might have guessed by now, we here at Fierce and Nerdy love us some STAR TREK. 

Jersey Joe says…

Kate Mulgrew, best known as Captain Katherine Janeway from STAR TREK: VOYAGER, could quite possibly be one of the finest actresses on stage or screen.

The role of Janeway was demanding for the actress, who had to endure long hours of filming with some outlandish acting situations. But through it all, she managed to grow the character. She took Janeway from tough as nails at the start of the voyage to letting her hair down and becoming a friend and guide by the end.  Along the way she was able to step out of the role and play such oddities as the queen of the Spider People or a tavern owner who was secretly fighting Nazis. She even got assimilated by and then defeated the Borg!

With each character Mulgrew plays, whether on stage, screen, or film; she gives subtle hints and gestures to allow the audience to truly see and feel what her character is experiencing.  From a small grin with a piece of pecan pie to sheer hints of sadness when her husband sends her a Dear John letter, it is those little moments that allowed Mulgrew to truly open up her character to the audience.  Take a very close look at her performances – it won’t take long to see.

Her resume is far too long to list in this simple write up, but it’s been a great pleasure to watch her performances from Mary Ryan in RYAN’S HOPE, to Audrey Hepburn onstage for TEA AT FIVE, to Jeannie Flanagan the overbearing mother on MERCY, to her latest special guest star arc on WAREHOUSE 13 — a great return to her sci-fi roots.

She is absolutely my favorite actress, and I don’t think it would not be wrong to say that Mulgrew is a true actress,on which other actresses dare to be judged.