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Kaboom! When Fireworks Fail [Kicking Back with Jersey Joe]

It’s time to once again celebrate our American independence and that means lots of fireworks! While some states highly regulate who can and can’t have fireworks, that doesn’t stop people from getting their hands on them! Take a look at these videos and you’ll understand how good times can go bad.

Fast forward to 55 seconds to see what happens when this guy gets a lit bottle rocket stuck in the pants of his cargo shorts!

This is one unhappy wake up call…

And our grand finale wraps up with last year’s display in San Diego… that lasted about 15 seconds!

fireworks fail

Fireworks were first used to celebrate events in China as far back as the seventh century. Now, often computers control the more sophisticated displays, while the common man simply lights up his neighborhood!

Some states have very little regulation on fireworks, while others ban them completely. Last weekend, I had the opportunity to visit a firework store in my old home state of Pennsylvania. As soon as you walk in, you are greeted at a counter that looks like it is right out of an auto parts store. They immediately scan your driver’s license, take your phone number, and print out a receipt you must sign that you will not light off any fireworks in the state of Pennsylvania that go up into the air.

You are then greeted with two doors. Since, I am no longer a PA resident, I got to go through the OUT OF STATE door, and it is one massive store of fireworks. It actually was set up just like a Staples or Office Depot, with carts and aisles upon aisles of fireworks. You could buy sparklers for $1 all the way up to $1,000 box assortments. Most of the stuff was BUY ONE GET ONE FREE! It’s amazing that they have to have a sale at a fireworks store!

fireworks2If you are a Pennsylvania resident, you are forced through the PA door, which is basically four or five tables of sparklers, snappers, and those weird black snake things that burn on the sidewalk.

Before you leave, there are several check out counters just like in any other store. I did not make any purchases; I was there with a group of friends that just wanted to browse around.

Suffice it to say, the security at that fireworks store was as tight as a bank, or a gentlemen’s club! It actually felt wrong to be walking around in there!

My first visit to a fireworks store was years ago in the Nevada desert. It was a small store off to the side of a truck stop and they enforced a strict NO CELL PHONE OR PICTURES rule. But, of course being in Nevada, there was a small casino in the back!

Fireworks can be a fun filled part of the Fourth – just make sure they are in the right hands. And check your local laws to see what is permitted in your area.


THE 411

fireworks 1Name: fireworks

What: pyrotechnic device to celebrate holidays

Origin: China



Have a happy and safe 4th of July weekend – just be careful if you will putting on a display at home. Leave the big stuff to the professionals!


Image credits – SJPhotography & litlnemo