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Ken Doll Crotch? [Ask Dr. Miro: What You Didn’t Learn In Health Class]

Dear Dr. Miro,

I’m totally freaked out. My boyfriend keeps talking about how he doesn’t like his balls or penis & that they interfere with his ideal look: that of a Ken Doll!?!? He wants to get all his man bits chopped off. He doesn’t want to be a woman – he’s actually super masculine – just disgusted by his junk. He says he hates having his balls there. He doesn’t like me touching him or anything. I really love him. He’s an amazing man in all other ways except for this one major thing about his thingies. He’s really ashamed about this and tells me I’m the first person he’s ever shared this with but I don’t really know what to do with it. I thought I was totally open to all the variations a person’s sexuality could be but this is a bit much.

Don’t Want to Date a Ken Doll,


Sounds like a desire to become what’s known as a Eunuch. Throughout history, there have been men who have chosen as well as men who have been forced to become eunuchs. This Ken Doll look is not as peculiar as you may think. No, it is not exactly run of the mill, but there are thousands of other men all over the world who have this similar desire. Wait, What? Yes.

Traditionally, a Eunuch is a biological man who has had his testicles removed. According to research, there are some interesting common threads to men who wish to get rid of their man bits. First, there has been found a much higher level of physical and sexual abuse in their childhood. Second, 11% witnessed or participated in an animal castration while growing up. Third, there is a high quantity of males desiring this smooth look who were threatened with “having IT cut off” prior to puberty by a close adult friend or relative. Somehow, these three things combined (with however their brain was firing) as they reached puberty, resulting in a quest for a Ken Doll look. I am not saying that these events MUST occur in order for a man to wish his family jewels lopped off. I am also not implying men who have these events in their formative years always want to be castrated, just a select few. Keep in mind, that an MTE (male to eunuch) community exists and thanks to the Internet is more readily accessible than ever before. There was even a documentary made back in 2003 called American Eunuchs.

Now what to do with the status of your relationship? If you need to be with a man whose genitals are there for you to fondle, admire, love and play with, this is not the man for you. I know that is a hard concept. Regardless of whether or not you remain in a romantic or sexual relationship with your boyfriend, if you love him, you can still be there to support and appreciate all the nuances of his journey. Check out for more information and community blogs. This will be difficult for you both, so try to maintain your place of truth in regards to what you can and cannot handle.

Lust & Happiness,
Dr. Miro

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