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Kindle vs. Paper Book SMACKDOWN (My Kindle vs. My Conscience: PART 3A)

Some genres are best read via the Kindle or some other e-reader, some in the form of a good old-fashioned, paper book. Let us explore them here:

Academic reading: There you are, sitting at Barnes & Noble café, highlighting your way through a small-print 1700 page textbook called Computable General Equilibrium Modeling: Programming and Simulations. The dummy opposite you pages listlessly through “The Idiots Guide to Cheesemaking” and “101 Dog Tricks.”

Here, you want people to know you are smart and they’re not. PAPER BOOK WINS.

Beach Reading: The beach is a judgment free zone – oh, not about love handles or cellulite, but you’re in the clear when it comes to reading. Poolside, no one’s going to raise an eyebrow of you’re reading anything with Fabio on the cover. PAPER BOOK WINS.

While-you-wait Reading: You want to read that smut while waiting in your tax attorney’s office? KINDLE WINS.

Bedtime Reading: Fall asleep in bed with the latest Stephen King paperback? No problem. As you nod off, the book gently drops your chest; the pages, light as feathers, brush your blanket.

What? What’s that you say? You like the backlighting feature of an iPad? Fine. Do you have any idea how heavy first generation Kindles and iPads are? If you read one in bed, like I used to do, holding it up directly in front of your face, you can’t just nod off because the thing will hit you in the face and leave you with a splendid shiner. I spent a week dodging concerned looks from strangers, and even came home from a visit to the drug store to find the pharmacist had dropped into my bag a very discreet Domestic Abuse Hotline card. PAPER BOOK WINS.

Air Travel: This is the biggest pro-Kindle argument for many people. “It’s just so convenient,” they say, or “I travel all the time for work” and “it’s so handy on the train!” The main argument against Kindle for Air Travel will be addressed in the Part 4, the final installment of My Kindle vs. My Conscience.

However, without spoiling the final segment, I can tell you that the answer, in part, depends upon which book you are reading.

For instance, say you’re reading “So, You’re Thinking About Gender Reassignment Surgery: What to Do Before You Tell Everyone. “ KINDLE WINS.

Same goes for any book you may wish to keep private i.e. “So, you think you might be a Paranoid Schizophrenic?” or “How to Escape a Cult.” KINDLE WINS.

Stay tuned for the FINAL INSTALLMENT (I mean it this time) – Part 4 of My Kindle vs. My Conscience.

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