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KTW vs ETC: The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Group out off Denmark, taken under the wing of English producer Mark Ronson. Do we love it or hate it like we decided to hate Amy Winehouse after she hit the crack pipe? Let’s find out.

First the music:

Then we’ve got something to say about it after the jump:

First Kyle’s Take:

Something people may not know about me is that I reserve the right to talk serious shit about certain pop stars (say, Kanye West, for example), and then bounce a little to them if someone plays them on the jukebox in a bar.   Call me hypocritical, but I think we can all agree that just about any music has its purpose in the right context.  When I get tripped up is when I try to transplant music that is awesome in one context (like, say, the dance floor), to a setting that is completely inappropriate (my drive to work).  For example, Madonna’s Hard Candy was super fun at Craft Night at Akbar, but when a friend of mine burned me a copy at work, I took it out of the car stereo after about three songs.

I mention all this because upon first listening to Asteroids Galaxy Tour, I think B-52s or Dee-Lite.  I taste watery cocktails.  I picture funny hats. I imagine bobbing my head at a happy hour in WeHo while I catch up with friends.  These are wonderful things!  And yet, the more I listen, the more Mette Lindberg’s slightly unhinged caterwaul starts to grate, and the more I think the only bit that really grabs me is the sexy chorus of “Push the Envelope.”  And then I start to think I’m not being fair.  This is party music after all.  What else could it possibly be?

So, in order to solve this dilemma, I have removed Asteroids Galaxy Tour from my car stereo.  But next time you come over, don’t be surprised if it turns up on my iPod.


Now Ernessa’s Take:

So I think the main reason that I’m so grateful for the discovery of The Asteroids Galaxy Tour this week is because it actually wakes me up and makes me want to keep going. Seriously, I doubt that you would have gotten Wednesday’s or today’s edition of Fierce and Nerdy if not for their Around the Bend EP.

But I do have to agree with Kyle that Mette Lindberg’s voice could be aptly described as a caterwaul, and he’s also not being unfair when he calls it “unhinged.” In fact that unhinged quality is what I appreciate most about her. She actually reminds of a female version of a few male indie  singers that I like, including Julian Casablancas from The Strokes. Plus, I like her hair.

I also adore the “Push the Envelope” chorus. Push the envelope, wild child. C’mon! Actually, I’m a fan of all three songs (plus a remix of “The Sun Ain’t Shining No More”) on their EP, and it makes me want to drag my tired ass to Akbar (which is sadly right up the street from me) and dance along to it all night. Very promising, and I can’t wait for the full CD to drop.

THIS JUST IN: I thought I had escaped the ever-present influence of Apple commercials on my music selection, but apparently I haven’t. I found this iPod Touch commercial, which features their song, “Around the Bend” while searching for a video. I remain a Mac cult member. Sigh.