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Les (Writing) Miserables [Bloggin’ on the ETC]

Just in case you’re wondering how I feel about writing while on bedrest, the answer is that I hate it so much, I mean so much that I’m writing about it over at Girlfriends Book Club:

So like a lot of expectant mothers of twins before me, I’ve been put on bedrest. It’s funny, because I knew it could happen, had read about it happening to countless others, but for whatever reason, just did not see it happening to me.

Truth be told, having moved my writing set-up to my bed at about three months into my pregnancy, it felt a bit like I was already on bedrest. I spent the majority of my days in bed writing, and was even amused to read in one of my twin books that mother’s who got put on bedrest should work on that novel they always wanted to write.

You’d think, actually being put on bedrest wouldn’t be so bad. Except it’s worse than bad. In fact, it’s terrible. READ THE REST!

featured image credit: Rin-Tin-Tin