Lifetime’s January Fashion Bores But Ladies, Start Your Engines! [A Tall Glass Of Shame] Jan19

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Lifetime’s January Fashion Bores But Ladies, Start Your Engines! [A Tall Glass Of Shame]

So anyone who has seen the first two episodes of Project Runway All Stars on Lifetime has finally seen just how boring and contrived it can get. The contestants, all hailing from former seasons of the hit show, are for the most part very talented but a bit of a bore. The drama of fierce new bitches out to make a name for themselves has been replaced by old habits and yawn inducing critiques by none other than the most tacky of judges: Isaac Mizrahi. He would show up to the opening of a Payless Shoe Source if he knew he would get some camera time, he makes my skin crawl.

Don’t even get me started on just how scripted and ridiculous the host Angela Lindvall is! The only redeeming parts of this show lie in getting to know the Mentor Joanna Coles a bit more, who frankly they need to feature more often, and getting to see some of my favorite designers back for a few more fun challenges. I’d also like to acknowledge that the only judge on the panel that seems at all appropriate and knows what they are talking about is Georgina Chapman, at least they have her to add a little bit of cred to an otherwise fluffy panel.

Perhaps I am being too harsh to call it dead on arrival just yet, but they better start turning up the heat if they expect to keep their viewership or this whole series of shows might just end up as dead and defunct as the crappy Project Accessory they shat out last Fall. Here’s to Kenley pissing some people off, i.e. Me, and more funky Mondo designs across the board. I must say the two weakest people from the get go are now gone, so fingers crossed the competition will start to heat up in the coming weeks. I’ll be tuning in, but not sure for how long… will you?

One show that has me VERY excited with a whole new season premiering at 9pm Monday January 30th on Logo TV, is Season 4 of RuPaul’s Drag Race! With a whole new group of “girls” ready to hit the runway and lip synch for their lives, This season looks like it holds some serious personas and potentially some fabulous drama.

Every season in the race to find the “Next Drag Superstar” RuPaul nabs the cream of the crop from the drag world. The girls compete in challenges that show their ability to think on their feet, perform, create and of course lip synch their way to celebrity status. With many drag queens falling into one of 3 categories: Beauty, Funny, or Fat, this season appears to bring a bigger more diverse spread of the drag world. Many contestants are of the standard beauty queen variety, but some are of the shock variety which I love and find hysterical. Example: Sharon Needles… I got the opportunity to see her perform in Pittsburgh and I have to say she is both hilarious and bizarre. While I think Sharon has a great chance to go far in the competition, we’ll have to wait and see if this is yet another year where the beauty girls win over other more talented contestants just because they can don a pair of fake boobs and look more like a real woman. This has been the controversy since day one on the show… What makes you more of a Drag Superstar: The closest illusion to a real woman, or the best performer/character/impersonator of women of all types?

Other strong potential contenders in my opinion are LA’s own Chad Michaels, who is probably the best Cher Impersonator in the business. He has years of experience and could show up and dominate this season just based on the talent in his back pocket. Phi Phi O Hara might just do well over the other girls mainly being able to play off her beauty, but she also has a bit of an edge she she can play up in the challenges that call for something more than just a body. She seems comfortable in front of the camera, does great make-up and hair and she might just go far in this. The Princess is one of a kind and has that crazy unpredictable look and energy that might just land her a solid spot on the show for the long run. Ru loves girls who are so individual and god knows I have never seen a queen like this before.

I can’t wait to see the crazy drama and bizarre challenges this season, It is a must see kids! I’ll be tuning in week after week as this show is my guilty pleasure! From the girls that are listed on the Logo website, do you guys have any favorites?

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