Man Changes Mind During Argument On Facebook; Crashes Server [Daily News Brief]

Rocksville, AR – 10am PST
By Joshua Mauldin

Arkansas Facebook servers crashed for seventeen seconds this morning when a Rocksville resident wrote an unrecognizable sequence of letters in the comment section of his son’s page. “I’ve argued about gay marriage with David for years, ” said Kenneth Wilton, a 43-year-old previous proponent of traditional values, “but the meme he posted forced me to realize my views were based more in emotion than logic.” When Wilton wrote, “You were right. I was wrong. I’m sorry” on the meme thread, the words caused a glitch in Facebook’s programming design.

Gwen Halpern, Technical Director in charge of the momentary crash, admitted the Facebook framework wasn’t prepared for that specific phrase to inputted. “Quite frankly, we’ve never seen this happen before. Facebook was designed for people of opposing views to argue back and forth until one person gives up, planning for phrases of contrition seemed unnecessary.” Though the servers recovered shortly after crashing, a long term fix for the issue has yet to be implemented. “We’re working on it but it’s not a priority. Mr. Wilton’s change of heart is most likely an anomaly.”

featured image credit: Franco Bouly